A Necessary In-depth Look into Ubuntu’s Repository System

When you start using Ubuntu or an Ubuntu-based distribution, you’ll find yourself using apt commands to install software like this:

sudo apt install package_name

You’ll also install additional software using the 3-step PPA command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:PPA_Name/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install package_from_ppa

And when you start adding random external repositories, sooner or later, you’ll encounter some update error.

Now, you can search for the error on the internet and perhaps fix it as well. But most of the time, you won’t understand what causes the problem and how it was fixed.

But if you understand the repository mechanism in Ubuntu, you’ll understand the root cause of the problem and fix it accordingly.

Now, you might find all this information in fragments on It’s FOSS and various forums. But the fragmented information is not easy to understand.

Hence, I created this course to give you a comprehensive understanding of how the repository system works.

This is intended for end users, not developers. I am not going to show you how to package an application for Ubuntu. You’ll get necessary knowledge for maintaining your system’s repository sources.

This course is also beneficial for Linux Mint, elementary OS and other distributions based on Ubuntu.