You probably already know about It’s FOSS, a leading web portal focusing on desktop Linux and open source software.

It’s FOSS has over 1500 articles. They are useful for various purposes. Some of them teach you a difficult concept in easy manner, some of them help you troubleshoot problems and some are plain how-to for beginners.

The problem is that everything is an incoherent mess. The information is there but difficult to discover unless you are looking for it.

And hence we created this e-learning portal where you can learn a certain topic in a more streamlined fashion.

The topics are divided into modules and lessons. You can consume the information in small chunks. As a ‘student’, your progress is saved to your account. You can resume your learning from where you left earlier.

It’s FOSS Academy is different from other Linux courses

First, the focus of It’s FOSS has always been on desktop Linux first. You’ll find plenty of Linux courses on command lines and other server related stuff but not on how to use Ubuntu or Manjaro as desktop.

We are different. Our focus is to give you a good starting point for a certain distribution. This should help you with your Linux journey.

This does not mean we won’t cover Linux commands, bash scripting and other such topics. These are also essential topics to make you a better Linux user in general even if you are primarily a desktop Linux user.

It’s FOSS Academy is community funded

It’s FOSS Academy is inspired by open source philosophy and community contribution.

On other course websites, you purchase a course for yourself. Nothing is wrong with that. But here, you help fund a course for everyone. It’s like crowdfunding (I prefer the term community funding).

At regular intervals, we will propose new courses with a desired funding goal. When the goal is reached, we shall release the course to the public for FREE.

You may ask why do we not release the courses just like that without this community funding? It’s because it takes a lot of time and resources to create these courses but we prefer not to put a price tag and restrict the learning to ‘paying members’ only. We don’t want to force a seventeen years old teenager or seventy years old pensioner to devoid of learning because they have limited money.

Consider it like ‘pay it forward’. You are not buying something just for yourself, your contribution is helping others learn and use Linux. You want more people to use Linux, don’t you?

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