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Become a better Linux user, one micro course at a time.

For years, you have learned from numerous tutorials on It’s FOSS. It’s FOSS Academy streamlines the learning by organizing the education materials in course format.

The courses are designed for the desktop Linux users and funded by the community.

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Learn with these micro courses

You can enroll in these available courses and start improving your Linux knowledge. All your progress is saved and you can resume your learning from where you left the last time.

Bash Beginner Course

Bash Beginner

Everything you need to get started with bash shell scripting, explained with practical examples.

  • 10 comprehensive chapters
  • Hands-on examples
  • Practice questions
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Nano beginner course

Nano Essentials

The simplest of the terminal-based text editor still requires some learning.

  • Learn to edit files in terminal
  • Contains text and video
  • Quiz to test your knowledge
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Uncovering Ubuntu Repositories

Uncovering Ubuntu Repo

Learn what goes on behind the scene with repositories and PPA in Ubuntu-based distros.

  • Understand repo mechanism
  • Troubleshoot update errors
  • Become a better Ubuntu user
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Support the Upcoming Course: Manjaro Musings

Our next planned course is for Manjaro beginners. The course will contain introduction to Manjaro and Arch, various procedure for installing Manjaro and then chapters on using Manjaro effectively with tips on package management, maintaining the system and customizing it.

Fund this course
  • Focused on Manjaro newbies
  • Tutorials on installing Manjaro
  • Tips on system and package management
  • All the essentials one need to get started with Manjaro
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Community Funded Courses

Things are a bit different at It’s FOSS Academy. You don’t buy a course just for yourself, you make it happen for everyone else.

You support, we create

At regular intervals, we’ll propose to create a new course or upgrade an existing one by adding videos or translating it in other languages.

The course will have a goal set for community funding. When members like you help achieve the funding goal through donations, we release the course to everyone.

Courses remain free for everyone

Once a course has been released, it remains free for anyone to access and learn from it.

Through the community funding, everyone benefits from it, not just contributing individuals.

Contributing members get recognition

When you donate to a course’s community fund, you get honorable mentions in the course. You may choose to opt out of it and remain anonymous.